My Kitchen

Our old fridgefreezer was in front of an old pantry, which houses the gas meter. As we’re on a prepayment system it meant moving the fridge on a regular basis – which we think contributed to it’s death. So the new one has been put in the only other space – in front of the back door. We do have ‘patio’ style doors in the living room, so this isn’t too much of a hardship. The one benefit is that I now have lots of extra storage space :)

dscf0191.jpgHere’s our kitchen. Nothing fancy, being a rented house – but luckily it has a decent amount of counter top and cupboard space. Please excuse the overflowing recycling boxes under the counter – we keep forgetting to put them out for collection! Out of sight on the left is the sink and a large window – but the window at the end gets more sun, and so houses a few plants (at the moment a small palm, some baby aloes, and some coriander). The cooker is on the right, with a couple of small shelves which hold my herbs and spices. The new fridgefreezer is on the left, and under the counter is an old fridge which doesn’t get all that cold – so it houses drinks and things like pickles and jam which benefit from refridgeration but won’t go off if it’s not really cold. There’s also a radiator under the counter, so I’m thinking that would be a nice warm space to bring on seedlings. Until yesterday there was some carpet ‘rug’ on the floor, for comfort’s sake (tiled floors are coooold!), but I’ve got sick of it’s trapping dirt properties so I’m having a trial run without it

dscf0192.jpg My new pantry :) I spent a couple hours cleaning it out the other day (10 years of non-use means a lot of dust, grime and spiders!). It could definitely do with some new plastic covering for the shelves, but it serves its purpose. We’ve put all the canned goods in there, to try and clear some cupboard space in the kitchen. I need to have a think about the best way to utilise the space.


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