I’ve just realised something. For the past several months, I’ve been travelling to work in the dark. I sit behind the counter all day – which is way at the back of the building and thus receives almost zero natural light. Then I leave work and travel home – in the dark. Meaning, 5 days a week, I get very very little natural daylight, maybe 10 mins worth when I pop out to get a drink, drop a book at the library, or nip to the post office.

That can’t be good for my mood or energy levels, right? I’ve never been a morning person so it’s difficult to tell if my sluggishness at getting up is related to it. I can’t help but think it is, though…


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  1. ok. I’ll kick you to go for a walk in the morning. afternoon. oh sod it. when i get up. 5pm?



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