Getting Outside…

 I’ve had a productive morning so far – after a nice long lay in (connected with my previous post – I’ve been really struggling to get up in the morning, so it was nice to just wake up slowly, watch tv and read until I felt ready to face the day) I headed out into the garden.

The main job was to plant garlic – I ended up planting about 10 cloves, 4″ apart in a container. I have about the same again left over, for planting in a few weeks as a backup measure.

Next job was to clean up two lots of cat poo, lovely! The little blighters have suddenly discovered my bare, dug over bed, so I’ve ‘hedgehogged’ the bed with thin garden canes which should hopefully discourage them.

Then the biggest job – retrieving all my garden stuff from the shed, sorting and washing it out – trays, pots, gardening gloves, handtools, etc. The whole lot are sat in the kitchen drying off now, which will no doubt drive Chris mad :D


I’ve also been having a bit of a look at the garden, planning where things will go. I’ve been talking to kethry about reinstating a flower bed that was between the patio and lawn – making it a bit wider – and filling it with some beans, peas etc, which would, apart from anything else, make a nice windbreak. Looking at it today I realised that the washing line (the kind that ‘folds up’ into a pole, and then opens out to an umbrella shape) overhangs part of the area, and obviously beans and peas being quite tall would get in the way of the clothes hanging there. So it’ll have to be a shorter bed, or possibly an L shaped one going round next to the fence (or maybe the full length bed, but only half filled with tall stuff, and compact plants under the washing line).

I’ve decided to grow cordon tomatoes – gardeners delight, mostly – in pots on the patio. Hopefully I’ll be getting some large terracotta pots, which being heavy should stop the plants becoming top heavy and falling over. So a few of those, with cane supports against the wall should look good  – plus it gets plenty of sun, which combined with the heat absorbing properties of the brick should make for some happy tomatoes.

Theres also a large area against the fence I want to make use of – the most shaded part – so I need to figure out what will thrive there. Probably salad crops, lettuce radish etc.

Finally, I’d like to get some large pots and build a potted herb garden – I’m hoping for terracotta pots for these two, as they look pretty :) I might make a ‘pyramid’ of 3 pots with the smallest at the top, something like that, I’m not sure.

Hopefully later on I’ll get some pencils out and draw a garden plan out – I always find that helps bring things to life.

Now, its off for a driving lesson and a wander round the garden centre! :)


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