I’m loving my new little ‘pantry’. It obviously hasn’t made much of a difference in what I eat but having everything easily accessible means I can see easily what we have in, and what we need to get before it runs out. It’s also encouraging me to stockpile as I have plenty of room – unfortunatly due to the lack of car there’s only so much of this I can do (I can’t lug back 40 cans of canned tomatoes on special, however good the offer is!). It is encouraging me to eat more pulses, which is a good thing :) I’m off work next week so I may make a trip to asda and load up on cheap canned stuff, without he who likes to shop for 2 days at a time!

On that note, I was thinking about what to take for lunch tomorrow. We’re out of regular bread that I like (I detest the pappy long life sliced rubbish), nor do we have any hummous to dip the pitta into. I don’t want pasta, as that was my dinner tonight. We don’t have many fresh veggies (a trip to the grocers is needed) for me to fill myself up on. Cue a quick look in the pantry…

Out came a can of refried beans (about 50p a can, made with just beans and seasoning, no oil – fantastic veggie standby), a chunk of courgette, half a green pepper, and a small onion.  The veggies were diced and sauteed (just a teaspoon of olive oil for the onions) til soft, and then the refried beans were thrown in the pan and the whole lot roughly stirred together. The result is a quick filling for tortillas or pitta that has a serving or two of veggie, some carbs and some protein.

I’ll also take along some fresh pineapple, and a couple of cookies or a piece of chocolate.

Oh yes, and I’ve spotted some pots for my patio tomatoes – Wilkos have some of a suitable size, glazed terracotta, for £4.99 each. I need 3 or 4 so it won’t be too expensive, and they should last a long time.  Unfortunatly their website doesn’t have them, so I can’t get them delivered. I may have to enlist Chris’ help to carry them to a taxi home (terracotta pots are HEAVY).


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