Time Off Work…

I have this week as ‘holiday’ time from work … not for any planned holiday, I just spread my annual leave evenly every 3 months or so through the year when I booked it. It’s actually a good thing that it came up when it did as I’m really not enjoying it at all at the moment, hopefully the break will help. I think I’ll be starting job hunting soon.

I’m hoping to use the time off productively. My original plans were to dig the garden, but it’s just been too wet so I might just have to lay down something light and water excluding over the grass area I want to take up, and leave it at that.

Instead my plans are:

– Declutter/tidy some more – I’m currently ploughing through a mass of old paperwork, shredding the unneeded stuff and sorting the remainder.
– List some stuff on ebay – been meaning to do this for ages, keep putting it off, but it really does need doing.
– Take down the old greenhouse framework, see if I can re-construct it into staging or something. I had left it up as I was planning on just buying a replacement cover, but the covers are almost the cost of a whole one new.
– Try at least one new recipe. Usually I’m too tired after work, weekends I’m doing something else etc, but I really want to learn to cook a wider range of meals, cheaper and less processed ones!
– Walk (if the weather cooperates).

… I’ve actually rather enjoyed today. Chris has been worrying that I’d be bored stupid off for a week with ‘nothing to do’, and has been offering to give me money for entertainment. I’ve declined, with lots of plans for little things to get done. This morning I had a long bath listening to music, then went and worked in the garden for a couple of hours. I dismantled the greenhouse frame and just tidied things up a bit, including collecting all those old broken pots, plant labels etc that seem to scatter everywhere. After lunch I had a driving lesson, then came home and sat at the computer for a while before realising I was bored stupid *because* of the computer. So I popped out for a quick walk to get some milk and a couple of veggies from the local tescos… instead I ended up walking a little further and getting the veggies completely packaging free from the greengrocers (encouraged by Tesco wanting me to pay £1.92 (!!) for 3 red onions). I also picked up a pair of jeans from the charity shop for £3 (unfortunatly too short – I’ll turn them into shorts), and had a look round the local independant garden/pet shop.

I went in for some early peas – the first packet I got were £1.99 – the second brand (same variety) £1.55 … then I spotted the exact same ones as ‘bulk’, scoop as much as you want. I got a handfull for 40p, which is plenty! I also enquired about compost delivery and they can deliver on fridays, so I think I’ll be ordering everything I need in one go and having it delivered, rather than the ‘lug one bag at a time’ method that’s getting a little tiring. They also had capillary matting, to keep things watered, for £1.80ish/meter, cut off a wide roll, and the large ‘potting up’ trays for £8 which I’m tempted by as I do all my potting up and playing with seedlings indoors, and inevitably get muck everywhere!

I’ve also managed to wash up and clean the kitchen (quite a change, up til recently I detested washing up and would leave it for Chris), do two loads of laundry, make fresh salsa (yum!), and make a fiver selling an old USB cable and a Lush soap from my rather large stash.

… I’ve not been bored at all :)


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