New Bed



Here’s the new bed I’ve dug next to the patio. I’ve made it quite short so as not to get in the way of the washing line, but planted with beans and peas it should still make a nice windbreak. In the summer it should provide some nice shade for some lettuce etc, things that don’t like to be too hot. (OK, its not terribly pretty, but it cost me nothing :)

dscf0198.jpgI’ve also covered bed #1 with bubble wrap, which is doing a wonderful job at drying out and warming the soil (i stuck a finger in today, and it was really warm to the touch. You can see the strawberries I moved to the bed, not sure if they’re gonna stay there or not yet.


And finally, here’s the garlic. The pot at the back has the lot I planted first, which is just peeking through; the one at the front was only planted a few days ago.


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