Tofu + Veggie Curry

Yep, another foodie post :)  (I’m gradually teaching myself to cook, so I’m dead proud when I cook something that looks gorgeous ;) )

This time it’s a slightly modified curry from an ‘Easy Indian’ book I have. The original recipe is just courgettes, onions, coconut milk, and spices (fantastic for the grower’s inevitable courgette glut) – this time around I changed the veggies, but not the sauce, to suit what I had. I started by pressing (laying between kitchen towel with something heavy on top) the tofu to remove the extra water, slicing, sprinkling with soy sauce and baking in the oven. Once that was done I sauted a small chopped onion, then added the  tofu with some courgettes, mushrooms, and broccoli, with a 1/4 tsp each of turmeric and hot chilli powder. A few mins later i dumped in a couple of spoons of canned chopped tomatoes, a pinch of fennel seeds and a clove of garlic (both smushed up in a mortar and pestle), stir fried them for a minute, then added a small (160ml) can of light coconut milk and simmered it for 5 mins. Served with wholewheat egg noodles.



2 Comments to “Tofu + Veggie Curry”

  1. that does look good. and doesn’t look rubberycheeselike at all (for anyone else reading this – it goes back to a conversation i had with lightisfading where i said that the impression i have of tofu is something vaguely rubberycheesylike and not very nice.. of course, i’ve never had it. but that photo looks lovely).

    tell you what. if i come to stay for the weekend, you can cook me this. yes?



  2. I’ve never cooked curry from scratch, may be I should give it a go. thanks for the post.!

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