dscf0221.jpg My early-sown ‘fruiting’ veg (as I think of veg such as tomatoes, aubergines, peppers etc) – L-R ‘Sweet Mini Red’ Pepper, ‘Mini Bambino’ Aubergine, ‘Meek and Mild’ chilli pepper and ‘Bolivian Rainbow’ chilli pepper. I also have 6 slightly larger Jalapeno seedlings on a brighter south-facing windowsill, where these will be going shortly (at the moment they’re on a warmer, but north facing windowsill with radiator). As they grow and it gets warmer I’ll transfer them to larger pots on the kitchen windowsill and in the living room – both south facing – with reflectors behind if needed for extra light. At the moment it’s a little too cold for them downstairs as wherever possible we save gas and just heat the rooms we spend a lot of time in.

The other end of the propagator holds herbs – thai, opal and sweet genovese basil, mint, oregano and rosemary.

And this is what I spent half an hour working on yesterday – a recycled polystyrene ‘germination box’. It holds two half size seed trays, and if it works as I’m hoping it’ll keep the seedlings nice and warm, sat by the radiator. I’m not lucky enough to have an airing cupboard or a heated propagator so this is the next best thing – and if it doesn’t work, well, I’ve not lost much :)

It currently holds a tray of more peppers, chillis, aubergines and ‘Sub Arctic Plenty’ tomatoes for a hopefully early crop, and the tray on top holds some mixed cut and come again type lettuce, which hopefully should produce a few baby leaves on the windowsill for me to pep my sandwiches up with before the outside lettuce comes through.

dscf0223.jpg dscf0224.jpg dscf0226.jpg


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