I have an allotment!

Well, it seems like living in Scunthorpe has at least one advantage … a mere week after ringing up enquiring about an allotment a contract, map and rulebook turned up on my doorstep! Today I finally managed to get in there (until I’ve signed the contract and paid for a key I can’t get in unless someone is inside within earshot), and was pleasantly surprised. I’d prepared myself for the usual new-lottie horror stories- 6ft wall-to-wall (fence to fence?) weeds. Instead I got this:

Oh my god, how good is that??

It’s a fairly small plot – it goes back to where you can see a wooden trellis/plant support – but I think its more than enough for my needs, enthusiasm, and fitness level!


On the left hand side of the plot is my new shed – as yet unexplored as the previous owner left it padlocked – so first job is to get that open.

(It has this type of hasp, if anyone has any hints beyond unscrewing the lot and replacing it.)

The shed is set up with two water butts – which need replacing – but the guttering is sound. The site does have water tap(s) but I’m not sure where, and rainwater is certainly better! :)


On the right hand side of the plot is the compost bins – a two bay, wooden construction. It needs a little repair at the back but there’s plenty of bits of wood lying around that will serve the purpose, so it’s a small job. I might see if I can take the front wooden slats off, and stick in a couple of posts so I can have them sliding in from the top – removable for easy access. That’s a less important job though.


Next to the shed is a small strawberry patch – a bit weedy but nothing to worry about. Hopefully the plants aren’t too old and are still productive.


About half of the plot has been covered in plastic over winter – it seems like the previous occupant planted up over last summer as theres broccoli (edible) and onions (inedible) in the ground. The worst of the weeds in the beds is shown below, there’s something big and bushy at the back of the plot, and theres that open bit at the front of the plot between the shed and the compost bin which seems awfully wasteful – so there’s some digging to be done, but very little compared to some plots I’ve seen!

Full of Promise…

9 Responses to “I have an allotment!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m moving in a couple months and then hope to get an allotment, however, as I’ll be in London….I expect a LONG wait!

    I found your blog yesterday and it’s really brilliant, I’m really enjoying reading it!

  2. Thank you, whoeever you are! :)
    (No really, who are you? ;) Or is the ‘you know who across the pond’ some sort of clue? :)

  3. lol no sorry, had put that name in when I was commenting on a friend’s blog, as she lives in the US. Meant to change it, I don’t know you, sorry!
    But I like your blog!!

  4. Gotcha ;)
    You should maybe start up a blog too :)

  5. Hi Sarah, I do have a blog. I have some of my eco loves along the side, but haven’t yet posted about anything eco or my vegetarian, almost vegan life. I used to have a much bigger blog but closed it.
    I now just blog about my life, warts & all. Eventually I want to do more eco posts.
    You’re welcome to read (but don’t expect much!!)

  6. Ooooh, do you have a flat cap and northern accent too? ;)

    Seriously though, that’s pretty cool. Is it a rental type thing?

  7. Ah. OK, that doesn’t link back to me.

    It’s Judith.

  8. it doesnt link back to you but when the comment shows up in my email it includes your email address, so i figured it out :)

    i can assure you i dont have a flat cap, nor a northern accent (yet.. shudder). From what I’ve seen the site has its fair share of old blokes with beards but also a good few women/younger people, so I guess it’s getting more acceptable… I dunno, I find it relaxing :)

    (oh yes, and it’s rental… £20 a year!! gotta be the cheapest ground anywhere in the UK!)


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