Quick plot update

Just a quick update, more a note for myself for the future I guess.

I went to the council office to get my lottie key today – problem being the office is a bus ride and a 20 min walk each way, and I had to be at work for 12.30. With military precision, I got the right bus to be there shortly after the office opened. Realised on getting off the bus that its more like a 20 min walk rather than 5-10 as I thought. Realise after 20 mins I’d walked down the wrong verylongroad, and had to add another 5-10 mins on to get round to the identical spot in parallel road. Get key, get completely the wrong bus back, that takes bloody ages. Finally get to lottie at 10.25…. THE BL@@DY KEY DOESN’T WORK! Not impressed one bit. I ended up yelling through the fence and some lovely bloke let me in, had a look at the padlock with me and agreed its either a badly cut key or completely the wrong one, and couldn’t really risk getting it stuck in the lock (last time that happened they had the fire brigade out…). I ended up ringing up my mother ‘in law’ and begging her to give me a lift back there, as it’s my only weekday off for a while, and there’s no way I could get back there to get the key, get home for work uniform at some point, and be at work for 12.30 using public transport. So I’ve now got a new key which I reallyreallyhope works, for reasons below…

During the 15 mins I was at the lottie, I met my neighbours (two lovely ladies), hacksaw-ed off the shed padlock, discovered a shed full of rubbish and TOOLS (yay!), and lifted the tarpaulin that covered half the plot. The soil underneath aint bad at all. Apparently the previous owners turned up for a few months, added lots of manure, planted a few things, and never came back. I hope that won’t apply to me! I also found out that the 4 bushes at the end of the plot are some rather lethal (thorny) goosberries. Not sure about that one, last time I tried them I didn’t like goosgogs!

So, plan for the next few days

Thurs – pick up a wheelbarrow after work, go straight to plot with it (taxi?), test the new key works (so as not to wreck friday morning’s plans) and lock the wheelbarrow in the shed.

Friday (AM) – go to the house of someone on freecycle, who is donating me a verybigpile of compost, and taking it to the plot for me in his trailer. YES! I just have to help with the shoveling. This is why I need a working key, or I’m stuffed!

Friday (PM) – (start) picking up all the broken glass thats languishing at the side of the lottie from a long-demolished greenhouse. Previous owner = lazy sod. I need to stick it all in a cardboard box to hopefully take to the tip on saturday…

Saturday – Chris is having his mum’s car over friday night as he’s helping her decorate this weekend, so we plan to nip to Wilkinsons for a waterbutt in the morning, and hopefully drop off the broken glass? Not sure if this is doable as I have to be at work fbefore 10. But hopefully over the weekend I’ll get a waterbutt :)

Sunday/Monday – get started clearing the lottie ready for planting! I’m going to start the earlier stuff (potatoes, peas, broccoli etc) on the side thats been covered, and hopefully I’ll have the uncovered-and-therefore-weedy half done in time for the things that go out in may/june.


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