I’m absolutely knackered but I now have a big pile of compost (covered with tarpaulin) on my plot – a trailer’s worth. Lovely lovely bloke from Freecycle spent an hour loading it up with me, then drove me and it down to the lottie and unloaded. As it’s now raining i’m probably gonna get back to a load of mud as the tarp only covers about 1/2-3/4 of the pile.

Today I also uncovered the left hand side of the plot and covered the right (quite a job in high winds!), had an experimental dig (soil’s not bad at all, slightly sandy so needs stuff adding, but at least its not solid clay), and set a waterbutt up. Helpfully one of the waterbutts on the plot is usable, so I’ve righted it, put the lid on, and banged in some stakes round it to try and stop it going flying! I also attempted to start clearing the shed (it’s one big pile of STUFF inside – I now have a ‘new’ fork, spade, hoe, trowel, push lawnmower, strimmer (dont know if it works), cordless screwdriver (works :D ) folding chair, and some sheets of thick plastic which should come in handy. Oh. And a lot of spiders. BIG ones. By that point I was getting fed up of the cold wind anyway so I shut the spiders back in and went home… I might have to go back armed with a broom to clear it out! I’m not overly girly about spiders but these beasties were huge.

Apparently the choice to come home at 12.30 was a good one as it’s now hurling down with rain outside.


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