Looking at the right hand side of the plot – I dug my first bed today, which will be the second bed in the row and will hold early potatoes. The right hasn’t been covered so it’s technically the side that needs a lot more digging, so I’m starting with the potato beds (spuds don’t mind weeds!). I’m splitting each side of the plot into 5 beds, with a path between – hopefully this will mean I can avoid compacting the soil (not that thats a major problem, its very sandy) and will make rotation easier.


And the left hand side. This was covered when I got to it, so has very little weeds – I’m hoping the end closest to me in the picture will be for beans/peas, and will be the next bit to be dug, so I’ll add in plenty of compost and shredded paper to try and combat the problem of sandy soil – doesn’t hold water or nutrients.

dscf0248.jpg dscf0251.jpg

A couple more pics for my records – a view of the whole plot with my pileo’ compost, and the ground that’s not been used – seems a bit of a waste? I’ve had vague thoughts of putting in a flower/herb bed, leaving wide paths around it. I think I’ll also add in another bed on the right hand side – at the moment it’s just got a small square bed which I think was used for salad crops.

And here’s a basic plan of the lottie, with the beds-to-bed marked out. I’m working on what goes where!

 ~ ~ ~

And finally, something non lottie related – yesterday afternoon I managed to put my mobile phone through a washing machine cycle. No surprise that it’s completely and utterly dead, which is a bit of a bugger as it was an expensive phone (Sony K8001). Thankfully, the contract period to ‘buy’ the phone is up, and I can thus cancel the contract straight away. I was planning on switching to pay as you go anyway, I guess I’ll just have to buy another phone (a much much cheaper one!). I’m mostly upset about it as I don’t have a backup of my phone numbers – and I need to look into if I can transfer my old number as that’s the one everyone (absolutely everyone, inc businesses etc – we have a landline but my mobile is the number I give out) has.

… really, really stupid thing to do.


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