I have to say, despite using computers and other digital stuff a lot (cameras, etc), I don’t really ‘do’ mobile phones. I got myself a new pay as you go phone today, complete with £10 of credit. Got home and ring Orange up to find out that they can’t transfer a contract/monthly phone number to the sim card that comes with the new phone. So I spent half an hour digging out the PAYG sim I got them to send me a while ago (I’ve been meaning to transfer to PAYG, this just accelerated it!). Rang them up and my old number should be transferred to the sim they sent me. So now I have 3 sim cards on the go – my old one (which still works to receive calls, but has lost its memory for phone numbers), new one (which I’ll be using), and the one that came with the phone (which I won’t, but should have £10 worth of credit on it that I’ll have to get transferred). Cue a very confused Sarah!

On the plus side – Orange customer service are excellent, friendly and helpful. It’s not often I have the pleasure of dealing with people that want to help you rather than push sales on you that you don’t want or need! The guy on the phone also managed to figure out my rather complicated story and give me a step by step idiots guide to what I need to do ;)

Another plus point – the 512mb M2 memory card I had in the old phone when it went in the washing machine works!!! I’m rather amazed by that. It still has my photos on it, and it means although I’ve downgraded to a phone with a rubbish camera (I very rarely used the excellent camera on the k8001), I can use the memory card to store music and thus can use my phone as an MP3 player.

… phone blurb over :)

Nothing especially interesting has happened today – we did however get a car! It’s a corsa (I think!), a very nice blue, and absolutely pristine inside and out. We think we got quite a good deal on it, time will tell :) I’ve also managed to get some free bits for the lottie off freecycle which we’ll collect this weekend:

– A ‘dalek’ compost bin which i ‘saved’ with a friend agggges ago before I got the lottie and the wooden compost bins – but I’m sure I’ll still find a use for it!
– Hopefully quite a large amount of fleece, enviromesh, netting, plastic pots etc from someone who runs a veg box scheme – the enviromesh etc are too small for her needs but plenty for an allotment. Should save me quite a bit!


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