Lottie Update

~ Went to Simpsons (local garden/pet shop) for garden pegs for holding down fleece etc. Came out after half an hour and a good chat with 2 potato sacks (25p each, very useful), white sprouting broccoli seeds, 6 meters of fleece @ 60p a meter, and a dozen seed potatoes of which I’ve forgotten the name (highly recommended by the shop assistant). Also in the post this morning I got seeds – ‘Alderman’ tall climbing peas from a grapevine forum swap, climbing borlotti beans (to attempt to dry after harvesting, for soups/stews), carrot fly resistant carrots, and two types of sunflower, a standard yellow one and a deep reddy-purple one.

~ Cleared out the shed – 6×4′ of tools, cardboard, plastic, rubbish, and SPIDERS. Big big spiders. The whole inside of the shed was covered in spiderwebs/cobwebs. A couple of hours later with a stiff broom and it’s now habitable. It was, however, a DEEPLY unpleasant job *shudder*.

~ Dug the second potato bed, added compost, and marked out that and the bed next to it with pegs and twine. I’m hoping to get some weed suppressing membrane and cover it in chipped bark (for the paths) but I’ll have to research the costs involved.

~ Put my plot number on the shed door (metal numbers). Little touches that make it feel more like ‘mine’ :)

On the way home I was gasping for something to drink so I went via the Westcliff shopping precinct. Scary, scary place. The (open for business) offlicense was boarded up! But, rather randomly, the Co-Op had a really good selection of vegetarian stuff (mince, ‘chicken’ pieces, burgers, sausages, and about 5-6 of the ‘grassingtons’ range of premade stuff ie filled pastry lattices, bean burgers). Very very odd, wouldn’t have thought the Westcliff estate would have much of a veggie population! While I was there I had my first craving for meat in a good long time – I was just about drooling over sausage rolls til I recognised it for the protein craving it was and bought some peanuts instead.

Today’s excercise has resulted in the first activity-caused pain in my ‘bad’ ankle in quite a long time. That’s probably a good thing (the excercise part!). However the fact that I can barely walk now really isn’t ;)


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