A mostly picture update today, as I can’t be bothered to write ;) Today we drove out to a freecycler’s farm, to pick up some bits and bobs for the lottie – came away with a stack of plant pots, big roll of UV (polytunnel type) polythene, loads of fleece, large sheet of enviromesh and a sheet of weed suppressing stuff. All for free! I do love freecycle as this stuff would have been landfilled eventually otherwise, as the pieces are too small for her large scale production, but loads for a lottie! We were also meant to pick up a compost bin from another freecycler and friend, but hit a slight snag in the form of not being able to get the f**king car seats to fold down at the back. So no compost bin :( Then we drove over to a huge carboot sale for a nosey round, didn’t really get anything in the end though, we got there a bit late and people were starting to go home.


After some lunch at home I nipped down to the lottie for a couple of hours as the weather was gorgeous. Got a few spuds (9x ‘Nicola’) planted, half a bed’s worth, went through all the plastic etc from earlier and folded it up, and dismantled the previous owner’s brassica protection. I started digging that bed over but just did it roughly as I was somewhat lagging in energy. I left the lotties at half five, still brilliant sunshine and wearing a tshirt it was that warm – everyone else had gone home!




The shed – rather messy, but useable til I have the free time to make it a bit more homely :)




dscf0258.jpg dscf0255_sm.jpg


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