Slight hiccup to the digging plans…

Yesterday at work I managed to ‘roll’ my weak ankle over coming down the stairs. The combination of downwards momentum and my (not slight) bodyweight landed on said rolled ankle, leading to a sprain. I spent the afternoon in quite a bit of pain (ie, a few steps left me gasping), but painkillers/antiinflammatories, elevation and icepacks have helped to calm that down quite a bit last night and today I’ve been at work but doing a sit down job all day!

It has actually occurred to me that this is almost exactly the way I broke my ankle the first time round – though that time also had added height through missing the bottom step – which resulted in two broken bones, snapped ligament, and swiftly after some metalwork in the shape of a plate and two screws (not my own x-ray, but this is almost exactly the same injury) . I have to wonder if that metalwork, while reducing my ankle’s flexibility (and thus causing the ‘rolling’ effect far more often than I’d like), might have actually improved the strength of the bone? Because it strikes me that the way I landed on it yesterday put a LOT of pressure on it – my full bodyweight can’t be a good thing for an ankle bent at almost 90* to endure.

Thankfully the pain has calmed to a point where I can pick out the exact spot(s) it hurts at, and luckily those don’t correspond to the implants (if they did I’d be at the doctors fairly quick!). I can walk on it (it hurts, but it’s manageable – I can keep walking), but I can’t really bend it. I won’t be doing any digging for a good few days though!


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  1. :( I’m glad its calmed down some though, and as i said to you yesterday, the timing couldn’t be better, if you’d done it in a week or so’s time you’d really have been cursing. Do stay off it as much as you can though, rest up and hopefully it’ll heal quickly. (*stops clucking*)



  2. Feel better soon! I have something with my ankle and I swear every now and then it just gives way!
    Rest up!

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