I was planning on doing some non-strenuous stuff at the lottie today (forking/raking over the carrot/parsnip bed to get it as fine as possible, and weeding strawberries), but the ankle is being an arse today (i guess the 5 hour standing-up shift at work had something to do with that), and chris is watching the grandprix and thus drinking … sod it if I’m walking there and back. I do really need to get some stuff done at home anyway;

1) Tidy up ‘my’ room – pigsty is an understatement! – probably watch a film at the same time.
2) Repot seedlings – I need to move the first lot of peppers etc up a pot size, move brocc seedlings from tray to cells (though I’m told they may not like that – may have to plant some more), retart parsnip seedlings (first lot were ready before the bed was), thin out the pea seedlings (left that rather late) .. some other little jobs. I might take some pics of those once it’s done.
3) Do the tremendous amount of washing up thats waiting for me downstairs. Ugh.
4) Laundry.
5) Batch cook something for the freezer – we have loads of ‘ingredients’, but lately I’ve just not wanted to cook after work and have been just throwing pasta or something on.


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  1. I just posted about getting an allotment. Can you recommend any good books or strategies for beginners?

  2. have commented on your blog, moi ;)

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Sarah!

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