Success with Tofu

Yes! I have finally cooked REALLY GOOD tofu.

I used to hate tofu. Then I had some good stuff in a restaurant, and decided I liked it when it was made by pros (aka, deep fried ;). I’ve been playing with it on and off for a while at home – my first efforts were inedible crap (the stuff you get vacumn packed does not stir-fry well!). But I have been gradually getting better, and at the same time i’ve been learning to use less oil – tofu is easiest deep fried, as it gets crispy without falling apart in the pan. I’ve learnt to buy tofu from the oriental food shop (fresh, water packed, firm tofu), to drain and press it between kitchen towels, how best to fry it (gently, pressing it to squeeze the water out) or to grill/oven bake it (both good, but hard to get just right). Then last time I found out you can freeze it to produce a firmer texture.

1) Drain the water from the tofu, put the block in a sandwich of kitchen towels (paper or really clean cloth), cover with a board and some heavy stuff – jars, cans etc, and leave for half an hour at least. Changing the paper/cloth halfway helps too.

2) Slice – I prefer about 1/4″ thick slices – too thin and it falls apart.

3) Wrap in clingfilm, then place in the freezer for however long – the last batch were in there a few weeks.

4) Defrost (24 hrs in the fridge works fine).

5) Top with sauce/marinade (the stir fry sauce you get in 2-person sachets works nicely), and grill both sides til golden.

Result… AMAZING tofu. Tonight’s batch is intended for lunchtime sandwich tomorrow :)


One Comment to “Success with Tofu”

  1. Oooh I’ll have to try this because I really really struggle to like tofu, it’s always too rubbery for me!
    I’ll let you know how it goes!

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