Driving Test #3…

… was failed :(

So far I’m on:

Test 1 – 12 ‘minors’, 2 serious faults (hesitation at roundabouts, inappropriate speed)
Test 2 – 6 minors, 3 serious (ran over kerb during reverse round corner, signalled incorrectly, poor road position at one point)
Test 3 – 3 minors, 2 serious (left it too late to change lanes, thought I was on a 40 mph road when it was actually 30).

I’m actually getting really fu**ing fed up with this. I can drive absolutely fine, but nerves get me in the test.

The speed thing annoyed me today as I had come off a 60mph road, over a roundabout, and onto the 30mph road … there was one sign indicating the limit change on the edge of the roundabout, which I didn’t notice as I was concentrating on the cars rather than signs. I was looking everywhere trying to find a limit sign on the road, there weren’t any, and from memory I thought it was a 40mph road (certainly looked like it should have been)… it wasn’t.

The lane thing.. fair enough. There was a truck parked on the road which I move out around, and left it too late to move over into the left lane.

The examiner was the same one as last time, but thankfully a lot nicer – he seemed really apologetic at the end and said apart from the two faults above I was absolutely fine. So annoying!

It has to be said, I do agree with driving tests being difficult (however annoying it is as a learner). It’s just amazingly frustrating considering the amount of idiots on the road – yesterday some bloke TEXTING on his mobile almost ploughed right into our car – today another idiot on her mobile phone decided to take 2 junctions, both times sitting her car squarely over 2 lanes, thus blocking all the traffic behind her that wanted to go left when the left light went green. In a test you’re expected to ‘believe’ other users signals (ie if they’re signalling to turn off before they get to you, you should go), yet today I almost ploughed into yet another idiot because he decided not to bother signalling that he was going right at a mini roundabout until after he had gone round halfway, and I had thought he was going straight ahead – ie turning into the road I was coming out of.

… sigh. Try Try and Try Again.


3 Comments to “Driving Test #3…”

  1. Oh I am so sorry!! You are very very right, there are real idiots on the road who are dangerous and obviously making the test so difficult hasn’t stopped them.
    By the looks of it, you’re headed in the right direction. Maybe 4x is the charm?
    Some of the best drivers I know took several times to pass; it will happen :)

  2. bad luck about the test. I hope I can get back into blogging again but I’m only at my old house for a week while the x is on holiday. There are always things I want to write about but by the time I get to a computer I’ve forgot all about it. Do ya like the new layout?

  3. Dibnah… I do indeed like it :) If you fancy meeting sometime, you’re more than welcome to use my internet :) (and once I pass my test, i’m also happy to give lifts if needed). I hope you’ve found somewhere you can settle down, housing wise?

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