I took over my plot at the beginning of march – signed a contract until the end of the year ie april. I turned up today to do some more digging and bumped into my neighbours, who asked if I’ve spoken to the council this week. It turns out that the previous owner turned up last week and asked who had been on his lottie… he never officially gave it up! So it seems the council have let the same plot twice! I’m pretty sure it must be the council that have rung my phone 5 times this week during working hours on a withheld number and not once left an answerphone message.. I’ve not received any post from them either.

I am absolutely LIVID. It’s not the previous guy’s fault… though he did leave it with stuff rotting in the ground and the shed waist high in rubbish, cobwebs etc as well as tools. I now have to try and get in touch with a council department that’s open 9-5 (handy for those of us with jobs) and don’t tend to bother picking the phone up. I can’t believe that I’ve probably just poured all that effort down the drain.


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