Well, yesterday was my birthday, and kethry came over to stay for the weekend. We went out for some rather gorgeous mexican food, followed by banoffee pie (my favourite, and therefore my ‘birthday cake’) and I Am Legend on DVD. A very enjoyable day :)

Today, despite the weather looking ominous (the HOT sunshine a few days ago has been replaced by clouds, drizzle and coldness… bah) we went on with our plan to visit Gibraltar Point, near Skegness. Now, ignoring the fact that it’s near that haven of seaside tack (I should know, I’m from Brighton), Gibraltar point is very, very nice indeed. Several miles of wildlife sanctuary (mostly birds).. wild land basically… with gorgeous sandy beaches. Having grown up next to the sea I really, really miss it, so it made me very happy indeed to go there today. The sun appeared for us and I rolled my jeans up and walked barefoot in the surf. As I said to keth at the time.. nourishment for the soul.

We also visited Louth which is about halfway between Scunthorpe and Skegness, which is a rather nice small town, and well worth a visit, for anyone in the neighbourhood.

Tomorrow’s plans are either Lincoln or York, and possibly Thornton Abbey. We shall see :) We have a rather kickass picnic prepared (homemade potato salad, pesto pasta, sausage rolls, hardboiled eggs, salad,ciabatta rolls, strawberries and apple turnovers… eat your heart out), so it should be a lovely day.


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