I plan on doing a proper blog later (photos from the weekend, and photos of the garden) but I have quite a busy day ahead of me so it will be sometime this evening. Tomorrow me and Chris are heading down to Brighton for a few days – which means today I need to get done:

  • laundry,
  • packing,
  • clean out the hammies ready for Chris’ mum to hamster-sit them,
  • clear out the fridge (ie, make a big pot of stew or chilli to use up the veg, and sort some sort of lunch for the car tomorrow),

  • get all the plants done (LOTS of repotting to do today, get everything watered etc). mammoth task! took me hours and hours.

  • driving lesson

  • fill up the (prepaid) gas meter

I plan on crossing off things from this list as they’re done, as I can’t afford to forget anything. We come back on monday and I’m back at work on tuesday so everything needs to be done.

Oh yes, and I need to make up a small shopping list of things to get in Brighton… mostly involving ‘body’ products (ie biodegradeable unbleached sanitary towels), and vegetarian stuff we can’t get here. I’m looking forward to having a good nose round the bookshops, too.


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