Well, we had a lovely weekend down in Sussex – mostly touring around some nice little towns like sussex, a couple of meals out, seeing friends, and spending time with my sister and nephew Charlie.

Charlie is now a very boisterous two year old, but he’s also now communicating properly which makes him fun to be with. Although he does have a worrying addiction to Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii. Usually my sister isn’t the type to dump him in front of the tv, but with Billy in hospital he’s kind of suffering from being carted around from relative to friend to relative, and he’s not the happiest of kids at the moment. I can understand that constantly arguing with him and telling him off because he’s acting up will probably make things worse in the long run, so better to give him some leeway. Anyway… horrendous poopy nappy excluded… I had a really good afternoon with him :) Unfortuatly I didn’t get to see Billy as he’s still in hospital, but he’s going home tomorrow, which is great news :)

Unfortunatly, there’s some bad news… after a 5 1/2 hr drive home today, we got back to discover my greenhouse had completely collapses. Death toll is unknown as yet but I think I’ve lost a fair few plants… and the greenhouse is wrecked. The cover and poles are okay, but many of the joint pieces have snapped, and I don’t know if they can be replaced. Probably not :(


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  1. gahhhh. i was thinking, the other day, that i was so glad i didn’t have mine up with these high winds.. the garlic is now growing horizontally, some of them.. its not good. hopefully it’ll die down in the next couple days.

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