Grilled Vegetable / Apple and Cinnamon Tarts

While in the supermarket today, the premade puff pastry caught my eye. I’ve thought about trying this before but have never got round to it… I should have done though as it was very quick and easy.

Grilled Vegetable Tarts
Slice a selection of vegetables thinly and grill until soft. Cut circles out of the rolled out pastry – I cut mine to fit a large yorkshire pudding tin I had. Top the circles with a teaspoon or so of red or green pesto, followed by a few vegetable pieces, and if liked a slice of mozarella. Cook at 200*C for 15-20mins.

Cost to make: veggies 70p, pastry 40p, pesto 20p, cheese 25p – £1.55 for 4.

Apple and Cinnamon Tarts

Instead of vegetables, top the pastry with a few slices of cooked apple (I used canned, but if you have the will and fresh apples you could cook your own), a sprinkle of brown (or white) sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Cost to make: apples 40p, pastry 40p, sugar/cinnamon 5p – 85p for 4.

Absolutely delicious :)


2 Comments to “Grilled Vegetable / Apple and Cinnamon Tarts”

  1. I’ll let you know how i get on with these when i try them tonight (going to try the fruity version, as a pudding).

    btw, you’ve been tagged!


  2. fab idea i bought some puff pastry a few weeks ago then put it in the freezer as i couldn’t think what to do with it! i am now inspired thank-you!

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