Veggies harvested from the garden, 28/07/08.

Despite my neglect, I managed to collect this little lot yesterday – green and yellow courgettes, fine beans, red and white onions, garlic, mini red peppers, cucumbers, baby carrots, large chillies for stuffing, and small aubergines. Everything has been grown in containers on the patio, which I think proves that with some proper care you could get some great results from container gardening.

The aubergines (‘Calliope’) have to be the most impressive – growing in this summer’s terrible cold, wet weather, sometimes indoors, but always in far-too-small pots. I’m going to try and pot them up this week, but no promises!

(unfortunatly, the cukes turned out to be bitter – I’ve now been educated about taking off the male flowers!)

And, from last month, the first jalapeno harvest – pickled with onions, carrots, spices and vinegar for some hopefully delicious ‘nacho rings’. I’ve never bottled anything before so hopefully I’ve done it right!


3 Comments to “Harvest”

  1. Thank you :) And welcome!
    I’ve just been checking out your blog and it’s fantastic, I’ve added it to my daily reads. You’ve also given me a push towards daily expenditure lists for myself – especially given I’ve just quit my job (gulp) I need it!

  2. Sarah, thank you! I can tell you what it has done for my finances! I finished my old job and had a couple month lag until this new one, it worked out really well for me and has let me change my life for the better! Feel free to email me with any questions. The no spending days were really what worked for me!

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