Leaving my Job…

Well, this entry comes to you courtesy of OpenOffice Writer, since – yet again – VirginMedia’s ‘2 meg broadband’ is running at less than dialup speed, and I don’t trust it not to lose my entry at the last moment. I rang them up last night to (among other things) complain about the long running slow speeds, and unsurprisingly they wouldnt admit that it’s their terrible service, and just offered to send an engineer round. As I don’t plan on taking a day off work unpaid to sit in the house all day waiting for someone to turn up and find that – surprise surprise – it’s not a problem with our computers (or to pretend that it is), we’re kind of stuck with it. I didn’t really expect to have any joy with them anyway, as it’s well known how poor their internet service is.

Anyway, the main ‘news’ – I handed in my notice at work today.

It’s been a verrry long time coming – my job (cashiering at a bank) is paid the same as retail (terribly), but has FAR more stress. Combine that with head office pressure to cut counter staff, thereby causing massive queues, complaints galore, unhappy customers, and a complete lack of managerial support, and you have a job that I just cannot stand going to anymore. Since about March I’ve been absolutely dreading going to work, and getting home in a terrible mood and with frequent headaches.

Me and Chris have talked about it a lot, and in the end it came down to ‘if it’s making you this miserable, it’s not worth it’. Financially, *if* I struggle to find another job, we can get by – we’d be skint, fair enough, but the bills would be paid. In terms of new jobs, I’m hoping to get out of retail, and move into something like admin. As I don’t have the qualifications/experience necessary, the only real way to do that is to go the temping route. And the only way to get temp work is to be unemployed, really! If I can’t find something I *want* to do, then I’d still far rather work a supermarket or other shop job than work at the bank. And, of course, now I have a ‘deadline’ – leaving date is 29th August – it gives me much more motivation to *really* look for a new job.

This has definitely not been a decision I’ve taken lightly – I’m not the type to not bother working at all because I dislike it or because I don’t think the pay is enough – I’ve always supported myself and won’t claim off the government unless I genuinely *have* to. But unfortunatly it was getting to the point where my job was genuinely giving me stress. I do feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders :)


One Comment to “Leaving my Job…”

  1. Well done you! Life is too short to be miserable and we all spend far too much time @ work to be that unhappy!
    Try entry admin jobs for big companies – I had a friend do that a couple of yrs ago, like you didn’t want the stress, she got a filing/reception job in admin for a private company and within 2 yrs was earning about £18k

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