Small Steps…

Over the last few days I’ve been continuing my ebay declutter. Working on the ‘if you don’t use it, even a pound is good’ theory I’m gradually working through my stacks of junk (gradually is the right word). The next ‘main’ thing to work on is the CDs and DVDs… which I don’t listen to or watch more than once in a blue moon.. unfortunatly they sell for next to nothing second hand.

Anyway. I’ve been clearing out lots of little odds and sods … a few bits of clothing, a couple of books, some craft items, some camera bits, etc. I’m definitely of the ‘really enthusiastic about something for 5 mins then get bored’ type! Last month, after fees and postage, I made around £80 – £70 of which went towards my credit card. I’m not planning on making hundreds from this but those bits and bobs add up. My main goal is to reduce my card debt, bit by bit – this month I’m getting a small bonus from work which will go towards it, probably about £200 after tax. It’ll be a long time before I can totally clear the £1350 debt but any little bit helps :)

Today I sold a book on Amazon that I put on the ‘Marketplace’ there months ago. The book is one I picked up online for a specific topic (during my stint at uni), flicked through once, and it didn’t really match the topic properly so was never touched again. I was a bit disappointed with the total price I received after fees (Amazon fees are ridiculous). However, on packaging it up, I realise that it’s been purchased by the library of a large university. That’s more than made up for the low selling price as it means potentially hundreds of students will have access to a fairly rare book. :)

I’m trying to focus a little more on my diet, without dieting per se. I’ve been battling with my weight since childhood, and ‘diets’ just don’t seem to work – I lose about a stone and then give up. So I’m trying a different tack with mostly healthy eating, trying to eat more fruit n veg etc. As lunchtime is my stumbling block at the moment (we have a long break, and while I’m reading a book I tend to eat more than I should) I’m trying to take a salad and a roll, or something similar.. something that will take me a while to get through. Unfortunatly I’ve never had a good idea of when I’m ‘full’ so I can binge very easily. I know every healthy eating tip in the book (loads of water, snack on veggies, etc etc) but I still can’t control my eating habits.


3 Comments to “Small Steps…”

  1. Slow and steady’s definitely the way to go. Unfortunately, I got my weight loss started via several intensive stomach operations (and only really started to make a commitment to it after the second), so I don’t really have any useful advice. My main indication that I’ve had to much is that I’m in pain, and if I eat things that are too high in fat or sugar then I’m ill.

    It’s quite useful, but being able to do it through sheer willpower would have been so much better. But once you’ve really been eating the right sort of things for a while you don’t even miss all of the crap stuff. It sounds odd, but it’s true.

    Hope you’re well, just checking in.

  2. Hi Judith, long time no see!

    You’re right there, once you get used to eating the right stuff its much easier. I’ve overcome the first hurdle – my general meals are healthy and I eat lots of veg – unfortunatly I’ve still got the binge eating thing to get over.

    How is the stomach these days, anyway?

    If I don’t see you online (unlikely, with your schedule), my email address is as it was before …

  3. Good on you for getting rid of clutter. I absolutely must do that.

    As for eating – eat as slow as possible. Seriously. 30 chews a bite. You’ll figure out when you’re full in no time. :)

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