Well, I have FINALLY taken MSE‘s advice and got myself a 0% balance transfer credit card deal. For the past year I’ve been getting the 11.9% staff rate on my card, but it occured to me (while lying in the bath this morning, of course) that a) that would end when I leave my job, and b) it would likely be hard or impossible to get a new card while unemployed. So I got off my arse this afternoon and applied for a Virgin credit card, which gives me a nice 15 month 0% deal on the £1200 I’m transferring. Thankfully, it was accepted… and thankfully when they ask if you’re employed and what your wage is they don’t query if you’re keeping that wage beyond the next few days ;)

On that note, I am actually managing to slightly decrese that balance. At it’s highest, it was about £1600 – I’ve knocked about £400 off that, which is hard work on almost-minimum wage. Frustratingly, I work with someone who pays in £200 a month to his card – but he lives at home and pays £30 a week rent and utilities!

Changing the subject. This weekend Chris is away at The Gathering, which means I’ve had the house to myself since friday morning. Apart from being really strange and quiet, it’s been quite nice, and, amazingly, very productive. I’m in the middle of a whole-house cleaning spree (sorely needed) – especially concentrating on the spare/my PC/crafting room as an engineer is coming tomorrow to try and figure out what’s wrong with our internet connection (aside from Virgin’s network being overloaded, that is!)

This morning I also popped down to Asda and, a rare occurence, I managed to get some bargains in the reduced sections – avocados for 10p each, corn cobs 10p each, rocket salad and blueberries for 20p each, chestnut mushrooms 20p, and a large bag of fairtrade bananas for 40p. All in excellent fresh condition as well! I also bypassed the crowds around the sweet red peppers for 50p each display and picked up a bag of 6 ‘value’ peppers for £1.30 – all red and orange. Sometimes it’s worth that bit of extra hunting :) A lot of the veg (peppers, mushrooms, plus some other bits I had already) will go into a vegetable lasagne with salad this evening, and I was thinking about doing some fresh sweetcorn fritters with sweet chillli dip for an evening snack/ treat. The blueberries will either go in yoghurt, or I might make a batch of low fat muffins tomorrow.

My last day at work is on Wednesday, and I’ve yet to find another job! Surprisingly though, I’m not panicking. Something will come up, even if it’s a temp job at one of the many places advertising for Christmas staff. And, I have to say, I am really, really looking forward to walking out of there!


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  1. Well done re credit card!

    WOW I need an ASDA!!

    Good luck with the job hunt, we all spent too long @ work to be unhappy there!

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