Garden Roundup 2008

I’ve just had a quick nosey round the garden, as the season is coming to it’s end.

The courgettes have produced well, and would most likely have done better if I had harvested more frequently. I’d be happy to use these same varieties again next year.
Varieties: Tricolour (lots of round fruit, not much tricolouring going on though!), Gold Rush (nice tasting yellow fruits), Black Forest (climber – did okay but didn’t climb!)

The tomatoes have been producing small amounts, and now every plant is laden with unripe fruit. I’ve taken some fully grown but unripe tomatoes to ripen indoors on a windowsill, the rest will be left for another couple of weeks and if not ripe by then will get the same treatment.
Varieties: Gardener’s Delight (prolific, and I like the taste), Golden Sunrise (pleasant surprise – large fruits ripened well even in poor weather, taste good), Gartenperle (look nice in pots, but taste of nothing), Ildi (millions of unripe fruit on the plant at the moment!)

The beans did quite well too , again could have done with a bit more frequent watering and harvesting. Unfortunatly I can’t remember which of the french bean varieties I planted! Borlotta ‘firetongue’ is currently laden with beautiful purple-speckled pods, this is probably one you’d need to grow in large quantities for any real harvest of beans).

The chillies did fabulously as indoor plants – a couple of plants produced more than enough Jalapenos, while my single Bolivian Rainbow plant has just been brought indoors, covered in tiny bright purple chillies.

The cucumbers did okay in the end, despite my poor handling – the ‘keeper’ was definitely Mini White from realseeds, which produced tasty, juicy fruit. Crystal Apple produced some nice looking fruit, but I didn’t get round to removing the male flowers, so they were inedibly bitter.

The real surprise of the summer was aubergine Calliope, which produced loads of small, beautifully coloured, tasty aubergines – grown in patio pots in an appaling summer! I also had Mini Bambino, which looked promising – the plants are covered in tiny fruits, so with some proper care and ‘thinning’ to concentrate the plants energy, I’m sure they’d do really well.

I tried several varieties of peas, the most prolific being Meteor and Kelvedon Wonder. I also grew some sugar snap peas, but didn’t plan the planting position quite right so they never thrived.

Finally, I surprised myself with decent harvests of onions, grown from Wilkos cheapest sets, and garlic, the same. The garlic was planted late but still formed nice heads with lots of cloves, and the onions spent their entire lives in ‘temporary’ cramped pot accomodation, yet still did well!

As for the non-successes… well… I never expected melon Emir to do well, and gave up on that after the greenhouse blew down for the second time. Tomatillo ‘de milpa’ produced huge, strong plants – which I abandoned to dry out in their pots. I gave up on squash due to lack of room, and the carrots grew verrrry slowly. The various salad leaves did okay, but were attacked horribly by slugs – next year I’ll stick to containers.

And that’s it for another year of garden veg growing. The allotment was a non starter and as soon as I can be bothered to return the key (to the miles-away-from-anywhere office) I’ll give it up for someone else.


2 Comments to “Garden Roundup 2008”

  1. You have done soooo well!!

    Is it fab knowing you’re finished work?

    In about a year from now, I’m hoping to get somewhere with outside space and an allotment, can’t wait!

  2. If you mean ‘paid employment’, YES. I’m taking a couple of days of breather before I start panicking about the lack of income ;)

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