Quick Eco Fix – Shower without a Shower!

I just thought I’d make a quick post on the recent eco-fix we made.

This will seem a little strange to most Americans, but quite a few older British houses don’t have showers, just baths (particularly rental places that haven’t been modernised). This doesn’t mean we’re ‘less clean’ – it just means we use a lot more water for the daily rituals. Our house is one of these – we just have a bath, and the landlord isn’t willing to pay to install the electrics/plumbing for a shower.

So … we purchased a cheap spring loaded shower rail, and fixed it above the bath. Then we added a cheap shower curtain, and one of the shower heads they sell at Boots which connect temporarily to bath taps. When we find one with a longer hose, we’ll add a fitting to the wall to ‘hang’ it from, rather than hand-holding. The result means we can have a full-body wash in a couple of minutes, using far less water and thus heat as well, and the total cost was only about £30. It has an added bonus that the rails make useful additional clothes-drying space (we don’t tumble-dry).

The removable shower head also comes in really handy as it can be attached (and removed from) any taps, and used for cleaning – ours comes in really handy for cleaning the hamster cage out!


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