Landing on my feet

If all goes to plan… I have a (temp) job!

Kingston Recruitment rang me this morning to let me know that they have a ‘clerical assistant’ job with the local council. It’s full time, monday-friday 8.30-4.30 @ £6/PH. (not a great wage, but temp jobs never are as they take a hefty ‘wage’ from the employer as well). It would be from next week til Christmas (assuming I can do the job), possibly leading to permanent. The employers have given the go ahead, so I think it’s just down to my previous employer to get a reference sent out.

It looks like an excellent oppurtunity for me to get some office experience – there’s lots of general phone, mail sorting type work in there that will hardly be taxing, but there’s also something about processing paperwork and coordinating rooms/staff/meetings etc. It’s not something I’ve ever done before but I think I can pick it up fine as long as they give me a little guidance.

Oh and plus, it’s within walking distance, and I don’t get a long lunch break in amongst all the shops – so it should be good for the finances!


2 Comments to “Landing on my feet”

  1. I hope things have gone acording to plan for you. Cheers, Jenny.

  2. Oh I am soo pleased it has all worked out!!

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