New Job

Well, back to work today after my 3 week hiatus. I have to admit it’s been a bit of a shock to the system and I’m exhausted this evening, so it’ll be a hot bath, a dvd and an early night for me.

The job, which I’ve mentioned before, isn’t far away – about a 20 min walk from my house (it is at the bottom of a heck of a steep hill though so it may be a little longer on the way home ;) . And I managed to get there bang on time this morning despite getting lost on the site!

The morning was spent being shown around, and getting to grips with the basics of the system they use. I think I’ll do okay at that – I had to ask for help a few times but it was more needing to learn the system and where things are rather than not being capable. I’m trying to write things down as I go along as I need to do things a couple of times before I remember them and I don’t want to annoy people by asking them the same things repeatedly :)

In the afternoon it was all hands on deck for a late order of printed materials – which means 3 hours straight of photocopying. There will probably be about the same to do tomorrow morning as well. A bit tedious but it’s paying-the-bills tedious :)

Everyone there seems lovely and friendly. One of the girls is around my age and has similar taste in music etc so we have something to chat about. It’s quite an informal atmosphere… as I was told it’s fine to chat but everyone knows the job still has to be done.

And that was my first day :) Hopefully this will be a job I can settle into, while I don’t think this role is permanent (I think it’s covering maternity leave) it should give me the confidence and experience to move on elsewhere.


2 Comments to “New Job”

  1. Great experience! Really pleased they are friendly, having worked for council’s myself I find it is hit & miss re friendlyness!

  2. Yeah I’d heard that too, thankfully everyone in the office is lovely, one lass in particular I get on very well with. Unfortunatly I don’t think it’s going to be permanent but it gets me some much needed experience :) (and after 5 years of retail and never, ever leaving work on time it’s brilliant!)

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