Time for a bit of an update.

Well, the big thing is of course work. I had some uncertaintly for a couple of weeks because my boss didn’t think she’d be able to keep me due to budgeting constraints. Fortunatly, I made an impression, and gave them the impression I was working my socks off (when in fact this job is 10 times less stressful and hard work than the previous bank job), and got on really well with everyone. Me and K, one of the members of the team, have made friends – we have similar interests in music and crafts etc and get on really well. And basically today my boss went and begged next-boss-up to let me stay. It worked and I’m employed hopefully for a good few months now. They’re hoping to take me on directly, rather than through the agency, and keep me on til the end of someone’s maternity leave – possibly up to a year – but that does depend on budgeting and hiring ‘rules’ within the council which say they have to advertise jobs. So… we shall see.

One of the outcomes of this is that I’ll likely be going ‘home’ for Christmas. For the first time in 4 years. I’m both really excited and somewhat .. not… because we don’t have the big family ‘do’ I’ve become accustomed to up here with Chris’ family (and honestly, I know I’m really, really going to miss him). On the other hand I have yet to meet nephew #2, and I’m really looking forward to it. I think I’ll also enjoy helping out with Christmas dinner properly for the first time (I don’t know, maybe even making the majority apart from the meat?), helping mum decorate her tree, etc. I’m debating whether or not to request a visit to a carol evening… I don’t believe in God and haven’t been to church since I was a child, but I still find the carols beautiful.

As you can probably tell from the Christmas musings.. yes I’m excited.. and yes I’ve started preparing ;) I’m trying as much as possible this year to make myself, buy handmade or at least from small shops, and bypass the consumerist frenzy. I’m also planning on making my mum a set of fabric baubles, getting her some white lights… and maybe sorting her out that white and silver decorated tree she’s been talking about for years ;)


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