Retro Sweeties

Christmas prep has started in earnest for me. I’m currently working on a set of fabric baubles for my mum (I’ll show these once they’re done), a secret santa parcel (tea-themed), and, today, a retro sweetie box for my brother:


It’s tied with rough string and has a computer-printed tag, but I’ll be wrapping it again to go under the tree!

It contains:
Refreshers chew bars, Fruit Salad chew bar, Blackjacks, Fruit Salad chews. Fudge bar, Chomp bar, Candy Cigarettes, Chupa Chup lollies, ‘Double’ lollies (sherberty type ones), Drumstick lollies, Sherbert Fountain, Double Dip sherbert, Refreshers, Dip Dab sherbert, Jelly Tots, Cola Frosties, Tooty Frooties, Panda Licorice bars, Milkybars and Love Hearts. Enough sugar to give an adult palpitations ;)

Unfortunatly even I struggle with gifts for my brother, so I do sometimes get him a gift voucher (I hate giving vouchers!). At least if I do that this year I can pop it inside the wrapping of this so he still has something to unwrap, and won’t know in advance its a voucher. I am still trying to think of a proper present for him though!


2 Comments to “Retro Sweeties”

  1. What a beautiful idea re the box! You are so creative!!

  2. Hah! Not really ;) I nicked the idea off the moneysavingexpert forums ;) (the special occassions board is fantastic for cheap pressie ideas).

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