I have a cunning plan! (she says, BlackAdder stylie!)

In an attempt to get myself taking more photographs, I’m setting myself a challenge of one blog-published photo a day, for 28 days (01/02/09 – 28/02/09). They may of course frequently be complete rubbish, but it might help me focus myself a bit.

Anybody wanna join me?

…………………………………………. anybody?

In other news, I’ve been drafted by Chris for some Photoshop/web work – he’s returning to something he used to do some years ago and putting a gig on at the local ‘rock pub’. For this he needs a MySpace* page (ugh) and a flyer. For some reason I’ve been roped in for this – the flyer I can have a go at (though I need the initial idea input), but not quite sure why I’ve agreed to the web page as I’ve never used myspace in my life! If it was just html I could probably cope but the site is all nasty pre-filled boxes and hidden options. It’s also horrendous to navigate – you have to click several links to get anywhere, it seems. Why is it so popular??

*MySpace – the modern replacement for ye olde fashioned flyering. Apparently.


11 Responses to “”

  1. Brilliant goal. I’d love to join you, when do we start. Feb 1st?

    I have no clue how to use photo shop…need to learn!

  2. Sure, feb 1st sounds good :) I may try and do a bit in the meantime though while I’ve got the impetus!

  3. there’s 28 days in feb so lets make it a straight month :)

  4. yup sure, count me in! Gonna have more of a problem *choosing* good photos i think than anything else.. I can never decide which of a batch of photos is “the best one”.

  5. photo challenge sounds good i’ll try and do it

  6. Tanks for this push in the right direction to get the camera out!

  7. Can you remind me of the rules so I can get all ready?!

  8. donna and Chris … still up for it? :)

    FT – can’t say I’ve really thought of ‘rules’ ;) I merely thought of it to get myself taking photos again! The rule for myself is to take a picture every day.. no cheating and taking a batch and spreading them out ;) … and that’s it! I’m going to try to get them posted that day but might miss the odd one.


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