New Hamster Environment

Here’s the project I’ve been working on – a larger environment for my hamsters.

This is made from two 32litre ‘under bed’ style storage boxes. I’d say it gives them 2-3x the floor space of their old cage, and the space is open rather than ‘ledges’ meaning they’re much safer (less to fall off!).

Compared to a standard plastic cage like this one at £29.35 (a larger one could cost £50+), this one offers far more room/possibilities, I can stuff it full of tubes, houses and bridges for them and still have empty ‘space’ for them to run on.

2x boxes from Wilkinsons = £9.00
Plastic tube to connect the two = 50p (I bought a boxful for a fiver secondhand, normally these cost a couple of pounds each)
Large metal ladder* = £1.95
Cable ties + glue = 50p
Total: £11.95

Safe, spacious, humane, interesting, stimulating hamster environment for a quarter of the retail price – well worth the effort.



2 Comments to “New Hamster Environment”

  1. Fabulous! I’d quite like a neat den like that!

  2. Hehe they seem to enjoy it :) Especially in this weather I’d love to join them in the fluffy bedding!

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