February ‘Photo-a-Day’ Challenge – 02


Fuji Finepix F30 (compact camera)
Jessops Light Panel (All other lights switched off)
Auto Setting / Macro / Flash Off
Minimal Editing in Photoshop (Levels)


3 Comments to “February ‘Photo-a-Day’ Challenge – 02”

  1. I love this pic… wish i had a light panel like this!!!

  2. WOW!!!

    If only I had more than a very basic camera, no idead how to use photoshop, no light panels…


    You are great!

  3. Thanks FT :)

    It’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

    The camera I used was a fuji f30 compact camera – you can pick up the current equivalent (f60 i think) for about £100. I chose this one while I worked in Jessops, out of everything we had, because the quality is amazing for a compact :)

    Photoshop is easier to learn the basics on than you’d imagine, most libraries have books on it. To be honest all I did to this picture was to tweak the ‘levels’ *very* slightly to make the green pop a bit more on otherwise rather bland looking supermarket cucumber :)

    The light panel was a lucky purchase, I have to admit. I snagged it from a closing down sale for about £20 instead of £100! You can get some really good close up shots with a bit of imagination though – plain white paper, textured cloth, bricks, pebbles, wood etc etc all make good backgrounds for detail work :) (and as kethry can attest if you get the right one even a compact can do great closeup shots!)

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