I’ll be honest, today I reaaaally wasn’t in the mood for photography. I’m cold, tired (have been all week – hibernation mode kicking in), and just want to go snuggle up and sleep somewhere.

(Un)fortunately, I have a kethry on hand to remind me that I’d feel guilty if I didn’t do the daily photo. Plus, I guess it isn’t a challenge if it’s not challenging once in a while!

Apart from today, it hasn’t been too difficult. I’ve surprised myself, taking photos I’m pretty happy with – it’s definitely succeeding in getting me back behind the lens. It did occur to me today that doing this in a month where it gets dark as I get home is probably going to result in a lot of macro/still life shots, but I’ll try to vary it a bit at weekends.

Time to go hibernate….

(oh, and no, we haven’t had the pretty blanket of snow to take photos of. It’s a nice pretty blanket when I get up, in that nice 20 minute slot between it getting light and me leaving for work, and by the time I go home it’s grey sludge, or blinding sleet, or rain, or sheet ice on the pavements. I hate snow.)


3 Comments to “”

  1. I’ll be around to nag you tomorrow then…. :D

  2. And to think, I didn’t know you had to take the photo each day!!!


  3. FT: I challenged *me* to take a photo each day, not you ;) do the challenge as you want to!

    Keth: I think I need it!

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