February ‘Photo-a-Day’ Challenge – 07 (well, kinda)


No ‘proper’ photography today, I was too busy with the new additions to the family!

Both are chinese dwarf hamsters, and as the first thing Chris said to them was “communist invaders!” the darker one is now named Castro. The lighter one we’re working on, at the moment we’re swinging between another communist-themed name, and something related to the Dune series of books. Because he does a reeeeeeeeally good impression of a sandworm ;)

Your usual Photo-a-Day broadcast resume tomorrow ;)


2 Comments to “February ‘Photo-a-Day’ Challenge – 07 (well, kinda)”

  1. I think this photo is grand! An action shot, to show the chaos they are causing!

    • Haha thanks :) They’re now in a a plastic ‘cage’ like the other I built, stacked up. High rise hamsters! (I can just imagine the ‘original’ ones moaning about the chinese immigrants upstairs ;) )

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