Garlic, and other musings.

I finally made it out into the garden today to plant my garlic. The bulbs from last year did well, and I still had 2 hanging in the kitchen (still absolutely fine to eat, I’m happy to say) so one of those got split up and replanted, along with 1 bulb bought fresh from Wilkinsons (and I have some left over). They just went in large pots (reusing the same compost from last year that had held carrots and onions), with fleece to cover.

At the same time I noticed a few familiar looking shoots amongst the self-propagated strawberry runners that had made their way into last year’s garlic pots – 2 bulbs from last year had somehow escaped harvest and were growing well. One of those I split up carefully and popped into a barely-used growbag (from a courgette that decided it just didn’t want to grow), the other I’ve popped into a pot whole to grow on indoors – I believe you can use the young shoots for cooking, and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows anyway :)

Finally, I tidied up my herb pot a little – rosemary and oregano have both survived the winter, and are starting to regrow, so I got rid of the dead bits to give them a bit more room.

This year I’m actually planning on scaling down the garden, but doing it in a more carefully planned way. Carrots and onions I won’t bother with as they both need too much room for their yield. Courgettes and tomatoes I’ll definitely be growing, as usual, as buying decent ones in the shops is expensive. Fresh beans and peas are another thing I love, so they’re another definite. I need to look through my notes from last year to see which variety of cucumber it was that I was impressed with, and I might grow one or two chilli plants – and only one or two! I love how they look but I really don’t use chillis much ;) The main thing I want to do this year is to see if I can get a decent salad crop, as last year was disastrous – it’s *so* cheap to grow lettuce leaves, baby spinach, spring onions etc and so expensive to buy them!

And finally, indoors I hope to get myself a venus fly trap plant and a bonsai tree. I love them and have been yearning for one for years, so this year I might treat myself!


2 Comments to “Garlic, and other musings.”

  1. What a great plan! A friend mentioned briefly I could use a bit of her allotment, plan to email her and see if she was serious! Also need to look at what is food proof to grow, I don’t have high hopes but I really want to try!

    • To be honest, FT, growing veg is NOTHING like as hard as the experts will have you believe. In my first year I knew nothing, basically just threw some tomato seeds in pots, and had hundreds of the things! A basic book from the library will get you sorted in no time :)

      Oh and the grapevine forum is excellent and really newbie-friendly :) You can ask all those really dumb-sounding (to you!) questions without fear ;)

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