Okay, I admit it, I didn’t post my photo-a-day yesterday. I had a friend over and we were busy crafting, watching Slumdog Millionaire (well, half of it), and cooking lasagne. Double post to come later ;)

I *did* however ‘service’ my sewing machine. I took the covers off, completely cleaned it out, oiled the relevant bits, fitted a new bulb, fitted a new spool holder (which involved carving one from plastic!), cleaned the outside thoroughly, and, a new one from me, wired on a new plug! The old one looked like it was about to cause a fire or something and must have been 20 years old. I am very satisfied with this and the machine, which cost me less than £20 from a carboot sale but is built to last, should keep going a while.

Last night I also attempted to crochet (not incredibly difficult, but my tendancy to pull my stitches tight makes it so), and learned the basic knitting.. stitch.. thing! I need to buy some needles for this as I just temporarily borrowed my friend’s last night.

I treated myself to some fabric today – a lovely pale green embroidered linen (I think), a heavy white polycotton with a tree silhouette pattern (much like the part in the top of the image on the right hand side of this blog!), and some pale green fleece – or rather a fleece blanket. Fleece off the role is £3.99 a metre, whereas the same thing with a simple blanket stitch round the edge is £3.99 for 2 metres. The tree print fabric might well turn into a bag, and I’m pondering making a light, machine quilted blanket.

And, finally, I freecycled 5 items today – 5 items less of ‘stuff’ in my house!

Time to get on with today’s photo!


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  1. Another new knitter, yippee!!!!

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