No photo today, I’ve been busy systematically tidying and checking *every* part of the computer/craft/spare room for a packet of lost, irreplaceable photographs – which I’ve been unable to find so far. I’m really hoping they turn up as someone will be very unhappy if they don’t :(

On the bright side it’s a good excuse for a clearout and I’ve unearthed two full boxes of stuff for charity/freecycle!


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  1. Sadly that has happened to me, although I think, no I’m pretty sure my mum decided to throw them away – she does that, she thinks you need 1 photo per major event. Having said that, she hasn’t taken a photo of me since I was in year 8. Think I should be offended?

  2. LOL FT, I’ve not *let* my mum take a photo of me since year 8! I’m one of these people who hides from cameras :)

    I have to admit I’m quite picky about photos too and just pick out the best ones … I’ve found if you have hundreds they never get looked at, whereas a few carefully chosen ones in an album do :) I keep a lot more electronically though.

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