Freecycle Fail

Ahh, just had my little bit of amusement for the day…

Last night I posted an ‘Offer’ on Freecycle for some canvas boards for painting and a sketchpad. This is one of the replies:

Are you also the the lady with the lampshade, sorry i didn’t collect, couldn’t get to the net for few days. Anyway i would also love your canvas’ and sketchpad!! I can definately collect tomorrow between 5and 5;30.
Let me know if its convinient and if you have nobady else wanting them…..

Thanks and sorry!

This amuses me on so many levels:
1) I’m not the person with the lampshade, but why would I offer you something when you’ve just admitted you don’t bother showing up to collect? (or email to apologise promptly, by the looks of it).
2) If I *was* the person with the lampshade, would I really offer something to you again? When you’ve a) failed to show up and b) waited until you fancied something else I was offering to apologise?
3) Plenty of other people would ‘love’ the items too. Except they tried saying ‘please’.

Freecycle Fail.

*Disclaimer: Not that I would want to put anybody off Freecycle – if ignore the idiots it’s fantastic and I’ve had many a successful ‘transaction’.


2 Comments to “Freecycle Fail”

  1. How funny it is on my list to join today! The other thing is, she doesn’t give a large window does she??? It should be whenever is convenient to you!

    I doubt she is getting your things?

  2. No, she didn’t stand a chance FT :) I wouldn’t think of specifying ‘between 5 and 5.30’ if i was asking for something that was being given for free!

    Definitely worth joining though, if you haven’t already… even if it’s just to have a clearout of all that ‘stuff’ you never use!

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