February ‘Photo-a-Day’ Challenge – 27


Fuji Finepix F30
Fully Auto
Darkened slightly

Conisbrough Castle

Just a quick snap – we decided to stop at Conisbrough for an hour on the way to Sheffield yesterday – after lunch we only had a short while to look round the castle, but I took a couple of snapshots.

Photo #28 never got taken yesterday as I decided not to take my camera to the concert (fears of a) damage and b) didn’t expect to be anywhere near enough for pics). In the end I should have as I was only 2 rows from the front, right over to the left, and could have got some great shots.


One Comment to “February ‘Photo-a-Day’ Challenge – 27”

  1. there’s a fabulous group on flickr that is all about photographs that seem to depict “the entrance to hell”. This would make a fantastic one, if it was photoshopped so that the grid was replaced with something suitably hell-like!

    Having said all that.. i do like this. it speaks of sadness of the ruins, that i think is common to just about all abandoned houses/ruins of buildings.

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