Seed Swaps List 2009


Basil: Ararat U
Basil: Cinnamon U
Basil: Greek U
Basil: Lemon U
Basil: Lettuce Leaf U
Basil: Purple U
Broad Bean – Bunyards Exhibition
Broccoli: Calabrese U
Broccoli: Early Purple Sprouting U
Broccoli: Early White Sprouting U
Bush/Dwarf Bean – Brittle Wax (yellow)
Bush/Dwarf Bean – Cobra
Bush/Dwarf Bean – Ferrari
Bush/Dwarf Bean – Kinghorn Wax (yellow)
Bush/Dwarf Bean – Kitchen Favourite
Bush/Dwarf Bean – Purple Teepee
Bush/Dwarf Bean – the Prince
Carrot: Chantenay Red Cored U
Carrot: Fly Away F
Cauliflower: All Year Round F
Chilli: Cayenne U
Chives: blank foil pack F
Chives: Garlic F
Coriander (blank foil packs, one U two F)
Florence Fennel: U
Gherkin: Parisian Pickling F
Gourds: small fruited mixture (no idea if these are edible or not – decorative squash) F
Lettuce: Lollo Rossa F
Melon: Emir F1 (RealSeeds: suitable for UK) U
Melon: Minnesota Midget U
Parsnip: Hollow Crown (last year’s) U
Pepperoncini U
Radish : Scarlet Globe U
Radish Ostergruss Rosa 2 (purple) F
Radish: Flamboyant F
Radish: Icicle (white) F
Squash: Butternut U
Squash: Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato (acorn) U
Squash: Waltham Butternut U
Sweet Pepper: Corno (blank foil pack F)
Tomato: Costoluto Fiorentino U
Tomato: Sub Arctic Plenty F


perennial herbs (not rosemary/mint/thyme/oregano)
mixed salad leaves (not spicy/bitter ones.. just the basic stuff)
red spring onions
‘calliope’ or ‘mini bambino’ aubergine
elephant garlic (will swap more for this due to postage, obviously)

Platycodon grandiflora Fuji White
Silene colorata Dwarf Pink Star
african daisy.. and similar ‘daisy’ looking plants
cactus/carnivorous plants/other spikey things
any other easy to grow, throw on the ground and leave to it flowers!


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