The Growing Season Commences!

It seems like I’m a long way behind on this this year, but really, it’s been so cold that I think many people have put off their seed sowing. I’m planning on sowing things straight into the beds outside this year, where possible, so have to wait a bit!

Over the last week I’ve been pottering around tidying up the garden – half an hour here and there. The beds have been weeded, dug over and fertilised with (boxed, not fresh!) chicken poo, the herb and blueberry pots have been tidied up, garlic planted, and pots retrieved from where they’ve been blown right to the end of the garden. Unfortunately bed 1 (next to the shed) is absolutely *riddled* with what I think is horsetail – I’ve as much chance of getting it all out as I have of finding every slug in the garden! So I’ll just have to try and keep on top of the weeding. Apart from that the soil is in beautiful condition – all that work 2 years ago paid off!

The next job is to rinse out all the pots (a job I hate doing.. spiders!) and make stacks of ones I’ll use, damaged ones to be thrown away, and some for freecycle as I have too many. I also have a plan to clear off a section of worktop in the kitchen to use for potting up / holding seedling trays when not in use. It’s in a corner, seperate from where we prepare food, and is a general dumping ground for things like boxes of cereal, alcohol/squash bottles, and lots of random bits and pieces, so it would make sense to give it a proper purpose.

Then of course, there’s the sowing. I meant to do some today but didn’t get round to it. The first to go in will be herbs – lots of them, as I want to establish a patio herb ‘garden’, and a few tomatoes and chillis. I also want to weed (that makes it sound like a delicate little sunday afternoon job where really it’s hacking away at triffids!) the front garden and sow some flower seeds. I’m still really not a flower ‘person’ but some colour would be nice – I do love sunflowers though :) I’ll be planting a few flowers here and there in the back garden too, to attract bees and whatnot, although it will be a squeeze as we don’t have flowerbeds as such, I just have my 2 small veg beds and the patio pots.

Come on, Spring!


4 Comments to “The Growing Season Commences!”

  1. Oh you sooooo inspire me!!!!!!

  2. Yes, thankfully I do! It’s not my garden so it will have to be a patch and some pots, not sure where to start or what to start with!!!

    PLEASE come to the blogger meet up June 20th!!!!!!! I’ve just blogged about it!

    • Great news! I’d say start with tomatoes (easy and yum) and salad leaves (cus theyre so cheap compared to the supermarket stuff, and so tasty :). I love fresh beans and peas too but they never make it to the plate as I scoff them raw stood in the garden :) Oh, and a courgette plant (in a growbag) … very very easy to grow :)

      meetup.. i’d feel weird! I don’t know anyone!

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