Mini-update, of sorts.

Chris is away for the weekend with friends, so the house feels strangely quiet.

Tonight I plan on a) doing some washing up, b) cooking something involving tofu (nom), and c) watching a film I’ve been meaning to watch all week. Tomorrow I’m planning to trawl the charity shops, go searching for birthday gifts (I have 4 close family members’ in the next 5 weeks!), and go to the market and the library… neither of which I’ve visited in ages. I used to go to both on a regular basis when I worked in town, but now I don’t I very rarely visit.

I’m hoping for decent weather on sunday so I can sow some peas – I got my tomatoes, chillis, peppers and herbs started this week indoors, though haven’t seen any signs of life yet. I managed to pick up a stack of twenty five(!) black ‘flower buckets’ (perfect for tomatoes, chillis, and many other things) for 99p from Morrisons yesterday, so I’m well and truly stocked up, pot-wise. Nothing to stop me getting going!

Looking forward to next friday… I’m now on a term time only contract which means I have two weeks off – I have a short trip to Brighton planned but nothing much else – but I definitely feel like some ‘doing nothing’ time.


2 Comments to “Mini-update, of sorts.”

  1. When you say sow some seeds, what does that mean?

  2. Sowing seeds – putting them in the ground! Or if it’s something you start off indoors like tomatoes then you usually say you ‘sow’ them in pots indoors and then plant them out into the garden (or big pots).

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