Easter Break in the Garden

Well, so far my crossed fingers have worked and the weather has held up okay for me to work in the garden this week (I have two weeks off work). Mostly it’s just tidying up, washing pots, freshening up existing plants etc. For the rest of the week I’m aiming to get the patio tidy and all those random stacks of plant pots moved out of the way, peas planted, and the greenhouse up. We’ll see!


Overall view of the patio – as you can see, a fair bit of tidying up to do! The green plastic over the table is my greenhouse cover, which I’m hoping to put together this week.


A collection of pots on the patio: herbs (oregano and rosemary) – I’ve cleared this out ready to plant more so it looks a little bare at the moment; garlic (shop bought and saved from last year’s crop – to compare the two); and my little blueberry bush – it looks a bit forlorn to me, but it was pretty much just thrown in a pot, at least it’s still alive!

dscf1043 dscf1044

My strawberry planters – before and after tidying up! I found a MASS of slug eggs and some other icky looking bugs in the pots last week so decided to uproot the lot, tidy them all up and repot in fresh compost. They look a lot better now, if a little thin on the ground, but they’ll fill the space quickly.


2 Comments to “Easter Break in the Garden”

  1. OOoh fancy coming to my garden aka teeny square and helping me out?! LOL

    This week I’m going to get my seeds planted. Eeek!

    Do you miss your allotment?

  2. Bit of a trek ;) Anyway its so much easier to start from scratch, no spiders hiding everywhere!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling well enough for seed sowing :)

    And yes, occasionally, but I definitely don’t miss all the digging!

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