Tomatoes, Peas and Potatoes!

dscf1055 A shot of (most of) my tomato plants, taken a few days ago. As you can see they’re still small as I started late this year, though they’ve all got their  second leaves since this was taken. Anyway, I’m confident they’ll catch up!

In terms of varieties this year I’ve planted Ildi (a fabulous yellow cherry tomato that did fantastically last year), Golden Sunrise (another yellow one, standard size this time, that also did well), Gardener’s Delight (very easy to grow, tasty red cherry tomatoes), Roma (a larger red one, for cooking) and Red Alert (another cherry tomato that’s meant to ripen early). As always, I’ve planted too many, so I’ll have spares to give away, some for Chris’ mum and some for Freecyclers.

And today I planted peas (a mixture of Alderman and Onward). The cane ‘fence’ for them to grow up was born of laziness – I detest pea netting and I don’t particularly like spending hours with string making elaborate constructions from canes. I simply stuck the canes in at an angle, and then ‘wove’ in more canes to make a surprisingly stable construction – no string required! I’m hoping the mixture of Alderman (a climber) and Onward (a more normal short plant) will a) guard against one type just not growing, like I had last year! and b) make the crop last a bit longer. We’ll see!

The buckets in front are for potatoes  – the buckets themselves are Morrisons flower buckets, I managed to get 25 for £1! With some holes drilled in dscf1056the bottom they make fab planters. Each one currently holds a few inches of compost and one seed potato, more compost will be added as they grow. This is a bit of an experiment for me but I’m assured spuds do great in containers! I’ve got Nicola (a maincrop ‘new’ potato) in there, plus a couple of experimental ones saved from the supermarket (which you’re not supposed to do, but I like to rebel!). I also have some Pink Fir Apple chitting to go in in a couple of weeks. Hopefully between them some will do well!

I’m off to Brighton for a few days tomorrow so hopefully everything will do okay in my absence :)


2 Comments to “Tomatoes, Peas and Potatoes!”

  1. Wow you are amazing.

    I’ve been told my seeds (or at least something tht shakes like seeds) arrived. THANK YOU!!!

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