Well, I had a good time in Brighton, followed by a rather crap day yesterday.

Brighton – catching up with old friends, and hanging out with my sister and nephews. All good.

Then yesterday, I got home ready for a good night in Sheffield seeing a band – Propagandhi. First support act were good, second less so, Propagandhi were brilliant until about half way through the set when the music suddenly stopped. Some guy at the front waing manically at the crowd, but we can’t hear a word he’s saying. After a few minutes we heard someone say there might be a fire, so decide to leave – at this point people have started leaving but still nobody actually telling us so. You’d think at a large venue they’d have a plan for fire evacuation – say, turning the house lights on, and having someone use a microphone to tell everyone to get out. Everyone hung around outside the venue, with yet more silence from the staff – nobody has yet said it’s a fire, people haven’t been moved away from the building/doors. A couple of fire engines turned up (called automatically when the smoke detectors went off), and then for some reason two vans of police – who weren’t called. The police moved up next to the doors while the firemen went in, and next thing some guy was being carried down the steps by the police (to us he looked either a) unconscious or b)not resisting. At this point there wasn’t any yelling or violence or anything.. just this one guy being carried out. Unfortunatly there’s a lot of immature idiots in the punk ‘scene’ who decided that yelling at the police, spitting, and knocking their hats off was a good course of action so from there it all escalated – we decided to bugger off as it was obvious we weren’t gonna be let back in.

It turns out that there was a real fire – a lighting set up was in flames. Nobody knows why the police turned up, but they weren’t being bolshy, as far as we could see. Apparently the managers were all ready to let people back in and continue the show when a random police officer and a bouncer decided to take matters into their own hands and tell people to disperse.

All in all it seems like a combination of idiot punk kids who like to stir up shit, and complete and utter lack of organisation by the venue is what turned the evening bad. If it hadn’t been for those two factors I think we would have been let back in and the show completed.

Oh yeah. and Chris is being made redundant.

Pretty crap day, all in all.


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  1. Oh Sarah, I’m so so sorry about Chris being made redundant. So sorry. Are there other jobs in his field? What kind of work does he do?

    I’m glad you had a nice time in Brighton!

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